Who is the Insurance Company?

Spinnaker Insurance Company is your carrier with Vitu Insurance Services acting as your agent. PLEASE NOTE: The dealership is not a registered insurance agent and cannot discuss anything related to your coverage.

Who is my insurance agent?

Vitu Insurance Services is your agent during the coverage period listed in the “Coverage Effective Dates” section on your certificate.

What is my deductible and where can I find it?

Your deductible is specific to your coverage and can be found on the Certificate of Insurance under the section labeled “Deductible.”

How long is my coverage period?

The coverage period is stated on the certificate under “Coverage Effective Dates.”

Is the certificate renewable?

No. The certificate covers you for the length of time you and the dealer elected at purchase. However, you'll be contacted by a licensed agent to discuss your coverage options moving forward.

If I cancel this certificate before the expiration date will I be refunded for the unused time?

No. The premium collected is non-refundable. However, if you have additional questions please contact Vitu Insurance Services at 844-874-8488.

Can I add drivers to the certificate after the insurance is purchased?

No. Only those drivers listed on the certificate upon purchase are covered. However, you may call Vitu Insurance Services at 844-874-8488 for assistance in finding coverage going forward.

Does this insurance cover me for any car I drive?

No. Only the vehicle listed on the certificate is covered.

In case of an accident, who handles claims?

All claims are managed by North American Risk Services (NARS), which can be reached at (800) 315-6090.

Who do I call for questions about my coverage?

Please contact Vitu Insurance Services at 844-874-8488 and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you.

Am I covered outside of California?

Yes. You are covered while driving throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Am I covered in Mexico?

No. Your coverage does not extend into Mexico. If you require coverage in Mexico, please call Vitu Insurance Services at 844-874-8488.

Is there a membership fee for the Vitu Association?

No. There is no cost for joining the Vitu Association. However, there are a variety of services you will enjoy with your membership. Check out the Member Benefits on the Vitu Association website to see what additional services are available to you.

How long are the membership benefits active and will they automatically renew?

Your membership is good for one year from the effective date listed on your insurance policy and is non-renewable.